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Welcome to the world’s first virtual retreat. Our dream to excel the world of health and wellbeing to a new level is now being realised. Through virtual reality innovation and our app, Infinity House will deliver the benefits of traditional retreats into the everyday lives of people through their virtual reality headsets.

We have partnered with world renowned experts from across the globe so that you can access the wealth of immersive health and wellbeing content that is available now in our beautifully designed virtual studios. All without ever having to leave the comfort of your living room.

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Health & Nutrition

Infinite 360VR Productions

Infinity House Retreat provides members with unlimited access to the world’s leading nutritionists and physical health experts. We encourage members to immerse themselves in a world of educational and motivational healthy living. Live-stream our thought provoking health seminars, do a full body workout or liaise with renowned nutrition experts all from within the Infinity House Retreat app.


Infinite 360VR Productions

Infinity House Retreat understands the difficulties of finding somewhere to relax and ruminate. Through our intricately crafted virtual environment, Infinity House Retreat offers entry to serene individual and group meditation classes. The immersive nature of virtual reality encourages a magnified meditation experience, enabling the mind to free the body from the restrictions of location.

Motivational Visionaries

Infinite 360VR Productions

Infinity House Retreat have assembled world leading visionaries and orators to provide you unique access to their life changing and enlightening talks. A virtual catalogue of exclusive motivational content, including speeches, seminars and workshops, is instantly accessible in a range of inspiring virtual environments. Embrace life and allow Infinity House Retreat to be the motivational catalyst for healthful success.


Infinite 360VR Productions

Infinity House Retreat members have limitless access to the world’s leading yogis. State-of-the-art virtual reality retreats offer members the unique opportunity to partake in one-to-one yoga classes or group sessions with renowned practitioners. Sophisticated studios have been designed to create uplifting sensory experiences that take daily yoga practice to a new level.

Holistic Wellness

Infinite 360VR Productions

Infinity House Retreat experts will nurture members through their holistic journey. Professional and dependable support is always available on the path to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Our healing ideology considers all aspects of an individual to provide a comprehensive approach to holistic wellness. Intimate one-to-one therapy sessions grant access to an infinite amount of expert advice across all holistic categories.

Infinity House Academy

Infinite 360VR Productions

Infinity House Academy is a virtual learning-world that offers fascinating self-development courses in an educational 360° virtual environment. Our industry-leading virtual academy provides the highest standard of course content, allowing members to study at a pace that suits them. The Infinity House Academy programme includes specifically designed powerful mentoring and coaching from the world’s leading industry experts. Our prospectus of handpicked courses have been chosen to develop earthly awareness and enable members to see the world with a higher level of conscious understanding.

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Infinity House 360 • VR Retreat is a virtual world which allows members to improve their lives by providing them with wellbeing experiences they can use to boost their health and bring prosperity into their lives. These services will be available to all of our members via our beautifully designed 360º video experiences and virtual reality studios.


Long working hours, lengthy commutes, expensive living costs and struggling to find a balance between home and working life are all amongst the things making our everyday lives more stressful than ever. We’re all so busy we forget to take time and care for ourselves and this can begin to take a very big toll on our health and wellbeing.

Noticing this, we wanted to create a space that helps people to unwind, replenish and thrive after their tiring and pressure-filled days and that’s why they created Infinity House Retreat. Unlike other retreats that you have to travel far to get to, book in advance, are costly and you can only visit for up to a week, Infinity House Retreat is open to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. With a streamlined 3D structure, and revolutionary virtual realities, it is as if you are transported to another place entirely - one that is calming, stress-free and aesthetically beautiful.

Within the retreat members are able to learn new skills that they can use to effectively enhance their everyday lives. Yoga and meditation sessions are taught to help ward off stress and improve wellbeing, members are able to learn about the positive effects of hypnotherapy, past life regression, spiritual intuition, healthy eating and much, much more.

It is entirely up to each member how they choose to make use of the retreat, they can simply use it as a place to escape and view beautiful surroundings or opt in for the courses that take them on a journey of self discovery.

Our mission is to bring health and wellbeing to the masses through virtual reality. The community of Infinity House is infinite, it will grow and grow.

Infinity House is a global community, open to people from every background and culture who wish to explore and develop a better understanding of the world and themselves. Our philosophy is to bring these people together and further their understanding, through ideas and expert knowledge put forward by respected and renowned visionaries.

We truly believe that our concepts can change the world, by adjusting attitudes and encouraging people to take vital and fundamental steps towards changing their lives for the better. Our community benefits from interaction with esteemed experts, while also engaging with other like minded people from around the world.

We are driven by the desire to help people through spirituality and positivity. We give them easy access to some of the world’s most innovative thoughts and beliefs, motivating them into a new and progressive state of mind.

Health & nutrition

Health & nutrition

We deliver the most personal, one-on-one cookery education experience around. Infinity House Retreat uses the latest virtual reality technology to bring you the finest cookery lessons from leading health and nutrition experts.

Infinity House Retreat offers the opportunity to stream live health and nutrition interactive workshops and seminars. Our unique live streaming sessions offer professional training, knowledge and experience from health and nutrition industry leaders.

As well our innovative live streaming sessions, Infinity House Retreat catalogues a complete range of archived cookery courses. Never again will you feel lost for nutritious and tasty ideas in the kitchen with our endless range of healthy recipes.

We serve to deliver the very best in dietary and nutritional recommendations. Using the most innovative experience, Infinity House Retreat invites you to experience your infinitely personalised consolation.



Through the Infinity House Retreat we offer a wide range of meditation experiences, from guided classes to one-on-one sessions with leading experts of the meditation world.

Members have exclusive access to live streaming workshops, as well as topical talks, all in a calming virtual environment that has been designed to enhance daily meditation practices.

Motivational visionaries

Motivational visionaries

We use state of the art virtual reality technology to bring you closer to the most motivational and inspirational visionaries in the world.

At Infinity House Retreat you have the option to live stream personal one-on-one motivational talks, or browse our infinite index of energising workshops to feel inspired.

Infinity House Retreat offers a huge range of exclusive motivational content. We are in exclusive partnerships with the worlds leading visionaries to ensure there is no better place to experience a complete uplift than Infinity House Retreat.



Within the Infinity House Retreat, members will be able to practice yoga from the comfort of their own home.

Members will be able to participate in one-on-one sessions with industry experts or experience immersive group sessions with likeminded yogies in a relaxing virtual environment.

Live-streamed yoga events, taught by renowned yoga instructors, will be available through the Infinity House Retreat.

Members have the innovative opportunity to participate and re-watch yoga sessions at their own pleasure.

The Infinity House Retreat also offers exclusive virtual environments to enhance the daily practice of yoga.

Holistic wellness

Holistic wellness

At Infinity House Retreat we strive to achieve an intimately interconnected, peaceful wellness for all members.

With the use of groundbreaking Virtual Reality technology, Infinity House Retreat offers infinite accessibility to a variety of innovative therapy sessions. Our range of sessions include Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Group Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Behavioural Activation and Mindfulness-based Therapy.

At Infinity House Retreat your wellbeing is our priority.

Infinity House Academy

Infinity House Academy

At Infinity House Retreat we work beside medical professionals to create an unparalleled learning platform that will revolutionise the way medicine is taught.

Equipped with the latest in unobtrusive virtual reality technology, we are able to provide lectures given by industry experts across a wide range of subjects, as well showcasing actual surgeries in a productive virtual environment to be viewed as many times as desired.

The Infinity House Academy will provide live-streamed lectures and surgeries in a virtual environment where members will have the unique opportunity watch and ask questions.

The Infinity House Academy can be accessed by medical professionals and students from anywhere in the world.

Infinity House Membership

When you become an infinity house member you join an exclusive group of people on the path to absolute discovery and freedom. Membership will give you immediate access to both our Infinity House Virtual Reality App and our Directory.

Experience fascinating tutorials, workshops and one on one guidance from within our virtual reality app.

Discover local events and a like minded community with access to our incredible directory of registered practitioners. Keep up to date with our regular newsletter and become an integral part of our community.

Unrestricted by the boundaries of their homes, our members will benefit from advice from the world’s leading industry experts and get support on their journey to physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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Practitioner’s Membership

By becoming part of the Infinity House Community, you can become a key contributor in our vision to provide our members of the Infinity House Global Community with access to a network of visionaries. As a registered practitioner in our community, your business will be at the fingertips of like minded people looking for services and products in order to live happier, healthier, more balanced lives.

As a practitioner member we will offer you help and assistance with the creation of 360 VR content and the opportunity to promote your business in our revolutionary virtual reality studios in our Infinity House app available to be experienced by our entire community.

Exhibit your products, get in touch with clients and engage your audience with this new, unprecedented visual communication platform and community based directory that will transport viewers to the heart of your businesses.

Join as a member now and upload your practice to our directory to get started.

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