21 Day affirmation – Banishing Fear

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21 Day affirmation – Banishing Fear

An affirmation is a mantra of reassurance which will enable you to recondition and reprogram, old, destructive thoughts and mindsets.

Affirmations can help you with day to day life but can also be used for specific goals, or elements of your life which you feel you need to improve or change.

To manifest, it is essential that you believe you have already achieved your goal, and at the end of the 21 days you will have the ability to banish fear from your life.

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness from this manifestation course, get yourself a diary. At the beginning of each day before you get up and start your routine, take 10 minutes to write down your affirmations, as you are writing them, believe you have already achieved them.

Once you have written these down, take five minutes to focus completely on your meditation video.

7:00 am
Wake up and inspire yourself
  • – I am the commander of my own beliefs.
  • – I am in control on my own self.
  • – I have nothing in the world to fear.
8:00 am
Before you step out the door
  • – I am the master of my own mind.
  • – Nothing in my life controls me, I control it.
  • – I am loved and supported I have nothing to fear.
12:00 am
Lunchtime, find your motivation
  • – There is nothing in this world I need to fear.
  • – Fear does not have a hold on my life.
  • – I have no fears.

Overcome the
fear of flying

I am prepared
and will succeed!

4:00 pm
Reenergise yourself, regain your motivation
  • – I do not let fears take a hold of me.
  • – I am a strong independent person.
7:00 pm
Evening Motivation, recap on your day
  • – Fear has no place in my life.
  • – I attract only positive thoughts.
  • – There is nothing in this life I fear.
10:00 pm
Bedtime Motivation
  • – I give myself the ability to feel no fear.
  • – I see only positives in life.
  • – I do not experience fear.